350 m2 Living Room of a Palace designed by Architect & Interior Designer Gülhanım Sümeyra Aslan in the heart of Middle East, Dubai, UAE.

My idea is “When black meets white, classic meets modern and master craftsmanship meets perfect industrial processing, the result is interior design that just can be named breathtaking beauty. Furthermore design with colors, forms, volumes and materials that until now were only available to create atmosphere in living rooms, it means a realm of contrast.My aim was to create attractive accents with combining nature and splendor, convert to walls and niches into eye catchers. And I did so by selecting from a unique wealth of furniture elements of timeless elegance.(This palace living room designed by awarded Gülhanım Sümeyra Aslan precisely in accordance with their wishes, equipped and planned to fit their life ambrosially)Only I wanted to do it unforgettably