In the periods before 19. century , rich architectural styles like Gothic, Baroque Rococo have losed their influenced. Fin de siècle 19. century and in the early part of 19. century, development of the technology has provided new opportunities for architecture.Due to these opportunities, Industrial Period, has gathered architecture and engineering satisfing the demands of the age and has transfered art, form and construction.


Tatlin Tower (1920)
It‘s a significant art movement activated in the second decade of the 20th century. The movement was born in Russia and following October event, has displayed activity. It has dominated in painting, sculpture and architecture.It is generally an attitude that uses contemporary materials and adopting geometric composition understanding. Constructivism, ruptured all ties with the past, and also marked up industrial materials and techniques.


(by Jorn Utzon, 1959-1973 )
While designing of certain architectural items or construction, Freaks which not required use of function, equipment and production, constitutes source of expressionist approaches.


Empire State Building and behind Chrysler Building
The most distinctive feature of this movement is that has linear stylealongside, geometric shapes are applied cleanly and and its simplicity.Much as Art Deco movement is modern and although it may seem original, it has been essentially influenced by various avant-garde sources such as Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Cubism.Simplicity, flatness, repetitive objects, mechanical sense of designas well as female figures, animal figures, leaves, angled sunrays are also one of the leading features of Art Deco.


(by Gerrit Rietveld, 1925)
De Stijl Art Movement,is actually an extension of Neo Plasticism art. It has developed with the effect of Cubism flow. Expression language is in generally, right angle and straight line with vertical and horizontal lines.In compositions, were used blue,yellow and red including 3 main colors.Neutral colors were restricted. white,black and gray.


(by Mies Van Der Rohe, 1945-1951)
In order to eliminate the dilemma Craft with art, Bauhaus Art Stream School, has directed the studies with Technological improvements. Bauhaus Art Movement has adopted not only content with aesthetic concerns, but also necessities aimed at function in the design of any product.


(by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, 1971-1977)
Favorite material, is concrete because it is both economical, simple, and easy to find.Despite its raw, unprocessed image and uninviting texture as an exterior facade, nowadays architects, succeed charming specific attraction to concrete layering concrete and obtaining different textures.


(by Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehri, 1992-1997)
It is a style revealed in 1960s and persisting its , impacton nowadays architecture.It was born as a reaction to modernism that had been a universal power after world war II. The porpose is;bringing backhistorical adornment, and usinghistoric decorations as well getting irony adding symbols to architecture.


(by Zaha Hadid, 2007-2015)
Organic Architecture properties; simplicity, individual style,organic structural design as the nature of design, and also realising beauties of formsin nature, using suitable colors with natural forms, furthermore ensuring adaptation of these to the environment,and also representing character of equipmentas so and consisting of a distinctive character of the structure


(by Frank Gehry, 1980-1997)
Postmodern architecturel movement emerging ın the late 1980s.It based on several methods alike fragmentation of wholeness in architecturel structures,and also games on surfaces warping of architectural elements such as exterior facede with non-orthogontalcorners and shifting.Deconstructivist buildings gives a feeling of disturbance and uncertainty.


High Tech, was born in England in 1970s and improved.It has presented concept of machine aesthetics and concentrated on the materials of the industry revolution such as glass andsteel.High Tech Buildings aresatisfing superior comfort to users and adapting itself the current conditions easily.


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