Today‘s structures and projects gain validity only with creating and learning data in the past and even building on them.In spite of conservative dependence towards old structures, within years, middle ages architecture has given place to Renaissance architecture, furthermore to many different architecture movement and also the time has establishpoint on top of each other. Also these structures have obtained using new architectural developments and similar roots.Afterwards this development process, modern architecture was born almost more than a century ago, then and nowadays, new approaches based upon usage computer, have emerged.
This 828-meter skyscraper in Dubai is the highest structure in the world. It was designed by Adrian Smith ınspired by ismene blossom, spider lily or from a plant known as sea daffodil.Because after the 150th floor of 164-storey building was built as steel construction, ıt is the first building contiuned with steel construction on concrete mass.Besides in order to minimize wind loads, not any the facade of building designed flat.Also corners of the structure are in circular form. The highest mosque of the world (158th floor) , with a speed of 64 km / h, the fastest and highest elevator in the world and even world's highest restaurant (122th floor) and world's tallest nightclub (144th floor) is here.


Gülhanım Sümeyra Architecture

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