(b.c. 3050-900)
As one of the most powerful societies in history, the Egyptians produced architectures that inspired many works of art.By combining enormous engineering skills with a rich symbolism,Egyptians have been created the basis of architectural culture that has been an example to many societies for centuries.


(b.c. 850-476)
The column arrangements called dor ion corinthian order are still in use today. This civilization is seen as masters of engineering with highway systems and arched waterways.


(b.c. 527-1453)
As a best known example of Byzantine Architecture Hagia Sophia, shows that how advanced of their engineering ability with the domes which part of Ottoman Architecture.


(9.-12. Century)
Structures are usually not very high, thick stone walled and round arched structures.It‘s attention getting that, the windows in buildings are few and small.The reason for this, the walls are used for carrying the heavy ceilings.In the first Romanesque examples without decorations, was used religious figures and pictures indoors, and also sculptures outdoors.


(12.-14. Century)
Pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbet vaults underlain the basics of Gothic Architecture. Increasing the height of the walls and reducing the heaviness, they have provided infiltration of daylight from glass pictures.


(15.-16. CENTURY)
Means rebirth. Renaissance movement influences the principles of classical Greek and Roma such as symmetry, proportion, geometry. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Albert Durer, Rapheal are ahead of the period from the names.


(18. Century)
The Artists who take samples the magnificent simplicity of Ancient Greek and Roma buildings, initiated the neoclassical movement blending the 18th century and the past.In other words, the aim of this art movement,remind classic style .


(18. Century ,1715-74)
The architectural style throughout 17th and 18th centuries in Europe. Decorated details, exuberant flashy with folds, theatrical and complex spaces are typical of Baroque architecture.Also Rococo, is the name given the last period of baroque style period of Baroque style. Early 18th century, widespread in France Rococo is lighter, play and elegant as a reaction to to Baroque.Symmetrical, curved lines and natural forms are used in abundance.


(19. Century)
Use of new building materials and the competition intercountry in the field of technology caused a new type of structure called fair structures the agenda of the architectural world.The first world fair opened in London, Crystal Palace, is very important in terms of use.first time cast iron and glass together as structure material.


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