Architecture is an art branch that designs civil buildings to satisfy shelter need. But all designs are no architecture. Because any structure has been adjusted as an architectural product in terms of art, mathematical symmetry named the golden proportion must be applied whole construction .

The subject of architecture is human. Architects examine environment, cultures, history and places to live healthier, more comfortable, better conditions.In the light of the information obtained, they design new buildings and building environments and direct the construction process.Considering the history of humanity, housing is one of the most basic needs. With this view, architecture is actually the oldest profession in the world.

From the dwellings we live in to shopping centers, schools, hospitals, prayer centers to public buildings structures and their environments are within the working area of architecture.There is generally a misconception about architecture can only interested in surfaces of buildings.In fact, architecture rather than deal with the exterior surfaces of buildings, interested in produced spaces.Architecture and architects produce more comfortable, healthier living spaces for people. Usability, permanence, beauty and originality are the basic values of architects.

The architect is an artist who constructs both civil and religious architectural structures. Architectural art has original texture showed difference from society to society.

From ancient times to the modern-day, considering at all the phases and architectural structures of the history of architecture, I can say that; The only mission of our architects is touch to life and create spaces with spirit.



Hence making spaces more liveable and becoming more effective in architectural project additionally the user wants to live in an environment with aesthetic concerns, The concept of ‘interior architecture‘‘ was born.

Because we architects; we get lost most of the time among directing according to the view of the structure or according to the north and the interrelations of the rooms and the structural factors ..

Interior architecture grows to help people at this point ..Terms such as Colors, patterns, fabrics, furnitures, painting and decorating tools are among the indispensable terms for interior designers..

An interior designer needs to understand the interaction of people with objects. When designing interior, a designer has to take into consideration furniture, ornaments and accessories where will be used in the space and have information about these factors.

Considering all these parameters, our goal as interior designer, is creating functional and quality interiors and designing better, healthier, safer and more comfortable physical environment..



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